Easton Human Rights

Easton Human Rights 카지노사이트 Committee hopes its new logo will soon be spotted around

the town as a symbol of a community that fosters and respects diversity and promotes freedom from bigotry, hatred, intolerance and disrespect.

The new logo, created by Sarah Cathie, a junior at Oliver Ames High School, was chosen through a recent contest.

The logo contest grew out of the committee’s desire to respond after resident Kristan Martin found a sticker from a white supremacist group across the street from her business.

She said was upset, alarmed and scared.

“It was right before the election,” Martin said. “I’m a white woman and I don’t worry when

I walk out my door, but my son is biracial and is out walking and biking with his friends.

I don’t know who is putting these stickers up. What’s next?”

Martin, owner of the Cottage Beauty Lounge on Main Street,

said she has been very vocal on racial justice issues and has Black Lives Matters signs in front of her business taken.

She said she’d seen a social media post from another resident who had seen the same stickers from the Patriot Front around town.

Patriot Front is a white supremacist group, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Easton Human Rights Committee

Martin took her concerns to law enforcement but also to the town administrator,

who connected her with the Human Rights Committee.

“I feel like this is very important for us as a community to take a stand. I said I feel we need to counteract this,” Martin said.

Human Rights Committee co-chair Karen Chan said the group discussed issuing a statement

in response to the sticker, but didn’t want to give the hate group a platform.

“We decided we can also have a sticker that represents the opposite of what they want to promote,” Chan said.

So the committee launched a month-long contest, Rise Up for Humanity, for students to design a logo to be used by the committee going forward.

OAHS art teacher Kristen Shea brought the contest to the after-school art club as a project.

“For my students it was a really great way to have an honest conversation about what humanity meant to

them and what symbols they could bring to the table to convey different parts of humanity in a

unique way,” Shea said. “Especially in today’s times, kids are hungry to have these kinds of conversations.”바카라사이트

There were 14 entries. Cathie’s design was voted the winner out of five finalists.

“The designs were really powerful,” Chan said.

Cathie’s design was inspired by puzzles and includes different skin colors, religious symbols as well as rainbow colors, and a green earth.

“Like pieces of a puzzle, this piece shows that while we are all unique,

coming together despite our differences or unconscious biases can create a better world, a world where we are all treated equally and given equal opportunities,” Cathie said in a description of her logo.

“I love the colors, the symbols of the colors, the rainbow, the earth,” Chan said. “I also really like the hands. This one really resonates.”

Though Cathie said she hasn’t personally experienced hate speech or racism, she said she sees and hears it on social media too frequently.

“Everyone should be treated equally, with dignity and respect,” Cathie said. “And I hope my design can inspire others to think and act that way.”

Though the contest entrants were all from the high school, the link to vote on the new design was shared with all the schools, Shea said.

Martin said the logo contest was a great way to start a conversation in the schools and in families about racism.온라인카지

“That’s important,” she said. “That’s when these things start to change.”

Martin said the logo contest was great, but there’s still a lot more work to be done.

She said people should keep an eye out for stickers like the one she found because groups like Patriot Front target younger kids.

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